After getting home from a most-of-the-way decent day at work, I decided to head out to my heat-and-drought stressed garden to see if there was anything available for this evening’s cooking fun.  I found some ripe black krim tomatoes, some red “forgotten variety” tomatoes, pickling and eating cucumbers, a couple of dill sprigs, and some cayenne and not-so-hot red peppers of an unknown variety.

Armed with this arsenal of vegetables and herbs, the only thing that felt appropriate for this hot day were some delicious bloody mary’s!


Two handfuls of ripened tomatoes
Two sprigs of dill
One cayenne
One other pepper
Three smallish cucumbers
Enough splashes of Worcestershire to your liking
A little Soy sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste
A splash of lemon juice

Blend away until smooth, pour over ice and vodka of your choice!  Enjoy.