What’s up with overly complicated island style summer drinks? Hell, the complication is one of the reasons I used to stick to beer and hardly venture into the alcohol cabinet.

Simple is key on a hot day. I love a Pinã Colada, but that’s just too many things to mix together on a blistering, sun-soaked day on the patio.  I need easy.

1 American Pint Beer glass
2 oz (or my two ounce or so pour) Coconut Rum
1/6 Lime (a wedge)
Tonic water

Fill the glass with ice, squeeze the juice out of that lime wedge over the ice, pour in the rum, and fill ‘er up with tonic water.

Ahh, isn’t that refreshing? Now sit out on your hot patio and watch the drought happen.

<– edit for follow-up –>

Here’s a link to a good Coconut Water and Rum recipe I’ll need to try when I find some coconut water in Central Illinos!