I had some peaches that (you’ve heard the before) Bob brought over.  I’d let them sit in the fridge for a few days with some sugar to get all relaxed.  A day or so later I ended up with about a fourth of a bottle of Zinfandel that I needed to do finish off, so I threw it into the bowl with the peaches, the juice, and the sugar and let them get acquainted. 

About 4 days later (today) I figured I’d better do something with them before they weren’t friendly anymore.  I pulled the canning supplies out, put the peach mixture on the stove, adding a little cinnamon, then set a fire underneath it.

After letting it simmer for a few, about 10 to 15 minutes when it sounded the right kind of bubbly, I took it off the burner, brought out a pint jar, bottled it up, processed it and tucked it away for later. Of course I had a little bit set aside that I enjoyed immediately. 

Give it a try.  It’s easy.  This year I’ve gone from never canning (on my own outside o the torture of Mom and Grandma during the hot Montana summers) to canning almost everything I can think of.