What do you do with a leftover zucchini, a slightly past pretty, but still mouthwateringly ripe tomato, and two ends of day-old Rustic Central Illinois Sourdough?

Sautée it all in Olive Oil of course!  This combination makes a powerfully flavorful breakfast of vegetables that is as far from a boring breakfast as you can get.

Sautée one chopped tomato over medium heat in Olive Oil. Add chopped zucchini after a minute or two.  Follow this with a handful of good rustic bread.  After a few minutes, when the sound from the pan indicates a majority of the loose moisture is gone, crank the heat up and give those vegetables some good flavor.  Look and Listen with your nose here, you’ll smell the difference a few seconds before your eyes and ears pick up the change from the medium high heat.

Enjoy with some coffee. I did.