The day before yesterday, I stumbled upon Local Kitchen’s Fresh Corn and Herb Soup.  I had the ingredients handy, the corn brought over a day before by some friends, so I decided to try it out.

The recipe was right on and smelled great.  Unfortunately the corn I’d received wasn’t so right.  It lacked that delicious sweetness fresh corn has.  It was tough and starchy too.  I let it simmer while I simmered over what to do.   Then it hit me.  I grabbed some sugar and added a few tablespoons.  A good start, but not enough zip.  I grabbed a spare lime wedge I’d set aside for some Coconut Rum drinks and gave it a squeeze over the soup.  Now we were talking.

I poured the soup into a blender and whirred it into a nice hot slurry.  Digging through the equipment closet, I pulled out the chinois and poured the slurry into it.  Ta-da!  A nice and lightly sweet Corn Bisque!

I put it away until the next day since I was past dinner time and a little tired from a long work-day.

This evening I picked a handful of green beans from the garden and decided to fry them up with a few purple potatoes, a hot chile, a few little onions, and some country-style ham.  Once that was done, I pulled the corn bisque out, reheated a serving, added a bit of the sautéed mixture, dug some Mexican Creme out of the fridge and had one heck of a delicious dinner!

Give it a try, then tell me what you think.

Give Local Kitchen’s Recipe a try too!