An honest breakfast is natural, ready in a few minutes, and healthy.  Wait, what the hell do honesty and breakfast have to do with each other, and what the front door is an “honest breakfast”?  Well, I went and “googled” it where 20,800 results flooded the browser, then I turned around for good measure and “binged” it for 6,700 results.

It seems its breakfast fare that is unpretentious, traditional, and inexpensive. It’s also a marketing term for some companies drumming up business, a fancy way for niche hotels to describe their breakfast in an “île de païn” style (which translates to “Isle of Bread” (now doesn’t that sound tasty!)).  It’s also the title of a piece of writing at Coyote Blood.

Whatever an honest breakfast was, I think it’s been lost to overuse.  So now I’m using it to describe what I mean by an honest breakfast, Offbeat style!

The Offbeat Honest Breakfast consists of the odds and ends that you find in the fridge, which when paired together offer a simple, quick, yet satisfying meal.  For example, my honest breakfast from this morning was:

  • 3 slices of salami from a log I’d been hoarding
  • 5 slices of swiss from the leftover end of a party
  • 8 to 10 pear tomatoes acting as the breakfast fruit
  • 2 slices of buttered and broiled baguette bread I’d made yesterday
  • Coffee, ground and brewed at the time of delivery

Broil the bread on the plate you’re going to serve your breakfast on; this will allow the residual heat from the plate to transfer to the tomatoes, salami, and cheese which will warm them enough to release their tremendous flavor.

Now that is an honest and delicious breakfast!