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Sometimes you win, sometimes you win two days in a row!  That’s how I feel today with another winning spur of the moment dinner.  And the fact that my four-year-old is eating this Soufflé made from leftovers is like doubling my winnings!

Yesterday I blogged about Basil Crepes stuffed with Cheesy Grits and topped with Parmesan sauce.  I was browsing around wondering what to make tonight when it hit me. Between the grits and the sauce I already had the start to a Soufflé base.

I pulled these two leftover items out of the fridge, checked the consistency of each.  Both were a little on the firm side.  I went ahead and used a flat spatula to mix the two together into a consistent paste.  I added 5 egg yolks and a tablespoon of milk, which thinned it out nicely.

In another bowl I whipped the 5 egg whites into stiff peaks.  Then I ran into a conundrum, not with the batter, but rather with what to bake them in.  I had some little Soufflé dishes but I wanted something bigger for a serving.  I rummaged through the cabinets, went down to the basement, checked the utility closet but couldn’t find a dish to suit my fanciful imagination.  Then I struck gold, or rather porcelain.  I had two extra-large coffee mugs tucked into the back of a cabinet that hardly ever get used because they absolutely suck for serving coffee (the coffee gets cold in minutes).  These were the perfect vehicle for the Soufflés I wanted to bake!

I folded the egg whites in, gently yet quickly (as seen on TV).  Poured them gently yet quickly into the buttered coffee mugs and popped them all into the hot moderately hot (400 degrees) oven.

I baked for 10 minutes, not done, for 10 more minutes, mostly done, and then 5 more minutes until the tops were bubbly golden brown.

A few minutes to cool (you can’t let a four-year-old handle a hot cup remember) and then served the now slightly, but only by centimeters, deflated Soufflé.

Think about what you have in the fridge that you can turn into a Soufflé.  Or whip some up from scratch!

Enjoy your souffles.  I enjoyed mine!