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Even we mediocre artisan (please insert sarcasm while reading the word “artisan”) bakers make mistakes.  I was trying out a new sourdough formula today, a formula with 10% rye flour, and ended up with several loaves of bread with overcooked bottoms.  I’m not quite sure why but today the bread burned on the bottom at 475 after 15 minutes on the stone in the oven.  This is my normal baking temp, my normal hydration, my normal levain, the only difference being the addition of 10% Rye flour.

But I don’t let a bad burn get me down.  I’ve got a new batch of levain going as I type this and a 50 degree reduction in temperature planned for tomorrow afternoon to test this new formula.


Well, the flavor profile and look of this formula is outstanding.  It is a blend of the perfect amount of sourness from the levain blended with a perfect amount of caramel and toast.  The texture is great, the rise perfect, and the crumb heavenly.

It deserves a second, a third, even a fourth chance for perfection.  And, I do have three loaves of perfectly fine, great tasting, artisan free bread to enjoy while I work on perfection (without the bottom, of course).

Keep baking, keep learning, and keep eating!