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Today’s dinner was a feast of random finds around the kitchen.  These are my favorite dinners – part experimentation, part experience, and all random!


1 small onion
1 small red jalapeno
1 small green pepper
2 tablespoons fine oil (mine was leftover from cooking a tortilla the other day)
3 leaves mature spinach, sliced thin
3 leaves swiss chard, sliced thin
1/2 cup fresh sage, leaves whole
1 brat or italian sausage
goat cheese (mixed in right before adding the cooked gnocchi)
a little water for easing consistency

Go ahead dice this all up and simmer over low heat while making the gnocchi.


The gnocchi is based on instant potatoes as the base.

Instant potato flakes (didn’t measure sorry)
flour, AP (didn’t measure but used roughly half the amount as potato flakes)
egg yolk (the whole egg would have been too much liquid)
2 teaspoons milk, whole
2 tablespoons butter, melted but not hot

Mix the ingredients together, gently, to form a soft dough that is light but able to withstand light rolling. (You may need to mix a tiny amount of water to get the right consistency.)

Roll out, cut into portions, roll on fork (if desired) for ridges.

Gently place the dumplings into a not-quite-boiling pan of water and cook until they float. Right before adding the gnocchi, fold the goat cheese in, then remove and fold the gnocchi into the sauce.