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1/2 cup flour
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites
Olive Oil

Good thing an egg comes with both whites an yolks.

1 small green pepper
1 leftover bratwurst
1 small (tiny even) onion
Gruyère Cheese (about as much cheese as bratwurst)

Pepper (a lot)

Fat of some sort (I use saved rendered bacon fat, about a tablespoon)

Mix the yolks and flour, add the milk to make into a thick batter. Dice the solid ingredients into tiny bits. Add these bits to the batter.

Prepare a 9 inch cast iron pan by inserting into an oven at 400 degrees. Let preheat while whipping the egg whites into a frenzied medium peak.

Remove the hot pan and add the fat. Put back into the oven to heat while gently folding the whipped whites into the flour mixture.

Remove the hot pan with the hot fat and pour the egg white and flour mixture in. Insert this back into the oven and cook until golden brown on top.

This is a pretty hearty souffle so won’t sink back down. I topped mine with sour cream and enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope you do the same.