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Finished my new two-day bread recipe – it is by far the best ever. The combination of the warm bulk fermentation and the cold proof, plus the new method of baking it in the dutch oven proved to be a winning one.

1st day: 450g AP, 50g stone ground Rye, 500g water.  Mix, cover, set aside until late in the evening.  12 hours later, add enough AP to reduce the overall hydration to between 68 and 70 percent.  Add 13g salt.  Fold at least twice in the first hour.  Cover, and set aside until the next morning.

2nd day:  Divide into two loaves, shape, put in flour saturated cloth-covered form (I use old flour sacks and mixing bowls) and put into the fridge until you get home.

Bake in a cast iron dutch oven preheated to at least 465 degrees.  Bake each loaf consecutively if you only have one.  Don’t be a dumbass.  Eat EAT EAT!!!!