I’ve been on a preservation kick.  I’ve been getting dangerous moving into meat territory these last few weeks, salt curing pork loins and hanging them to dry in the basement, making cold-smoked Canadian bacon, pickling eggs, blanching and freezing kale.

I’ve also been looking to take hard-to-cook meats that most folks would shy away from and turn them into delicacies even the most fearful eater would come crawling back for more.

Enter the lamb shank.  Enter the confit, and enter salt curing.

I cured the lamb shanks for 1 day per pound in 3 oz of salt per pound under 8 pounds of weight.  The cure also contained a lot of garlic, rosemary, and pepper. I wanted strong flavors.

I needed a lot of fat for the confit so ended up trolling the local groceries for as much fresh pork side as I could find.  I rendered this all down in the oven for the day, saving the crispy pork to flavor beans and other foods later.

Taking the rendered pork fat, the now rinsed, cured lamb shanks, and threw them all into a low, slow oven for 8 hours.  Afterwards it was into the fridge for a couple of days for the whole lump of shank and fats.

Yesterday I had some over beans.  I was in awe and my taste buds were in shock at the pure and powerful flavor of this dish.  You haven’t had anything if you haven’t had this dish.  Don’t shy away from dishes that take days to prepare.