I recently had an insight when preparing to boil some eggs a few days ago. I have been harvesting water out of the basement through the humidifier for the last 6 months and using it to water the plants. Simply, the water is PH neutral. Being spring, I have several carboys full and more every day.

I went to fill up the pan to put on the burner and boil the eggs when I had a though that perhaps the neutral water would make the eggs easier to peel. I’d tried all the other remedies and these eggs, freakishly farm fresh, remained difficult to peel. I took the pan to the basement, filled it up, put it on the burner, loaded the eggs in, set the timer for 20 minutes, just enough time to bring the pot to a boil and pull if off after getting out of the shower.

Tension heightened as I finished the cooking cycle under some cold running water and went to peel the first of the eggs. I cracked it around the circumference and was shocked as the egg’s shell slid off of the egg.

Enjoy your perfectly peeled boiled eggs with some salt, a little spot of mustard and a tiny dollop of mayo!