The other day we threw a graduation party for Amy; it took her 17 years but she finally completed all the requirements for her Bachelor’s Degree!  YAY!  So we celebrated.  I knew I couldn’t feed 30 on my own so I went to Jimmy John’s.  (OK, first before click away in disgust, you selfish, obnoxious foodies, understand now that I live in a rural area and the options suck for catering, and at the same time I want to support some of the local business owners).

Anyway, for a night of drunken revelry, Jimmy John’s is the best!  We ordered enough sandwiches for 30 people, and double that for chips.  Oh, and of course, pickles, as they too go great with kegs of beer.

A couple of tricks.  Jimmy John’s needs a little more mayo for their Pepes and their Turkey Toms to take them from ok to great.  Also, the Vito’s (my favorite) are best doused with extra oil, vinegar, and oregano.

While people were a little skeptical at first, they ended the night raving about the food, having devoured all but a hand-full of the sandwiches, and more than 3/4’s of the chips!  For the pickles, they devoured 2/3’s of those!

Thank you, Jimmy John’s for the win and making the eating part of the music-and-beer party ridiculously easy!