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Hot Vegatable Salad for a Gardener.

Ok, this one will almost tempt you to give up meat, so do yourself a favor and up some shaved Jamon Iberico on it to keep you sane.

Gather up a handful of 4 inch yellow summer squash, some small green beans, a few spring onions, bitter lettuce (here bitter works to cut through the other flavors), basil, small carrots, and a few odds-n-ends like a dandelion or two, half a lemon from yesterday’s meal, salt and pepper, and an old piece of parmesan.

Clean everything up. It was muddy in the garden today so it needed cleaned.

Slice the summer squash, the onions, and the carrots. Trim the green beans. Set aside. Heat Olive Oil in a pan over moderate heat. In the meantime dry the lettuce and break up. Squeeze the lemon over it, set the lemon aside for later, and drizzle with some more olive oil. Add salt and pepper and toss to coat. Set aside and let the lemon/oil work on the leaves.

Start the onions and carrots in the hot oil, saute until beginning to soften, add the rest of the vegetables. After they start to soften, crank the heat to moderately high. Add salt and pepper and toss. Once it’s almost ready to come off the heat add some of the basil and squeeze the rest of the lemon over the mixture (the rest is scattered over the lettuce).

Bring the dish together with the bitter greens on the bottom, followed by a layer of scatter basil and finally the hot vegetable meddely. Let it all sit for a minute while you grate some parmesan and minced Jamon over the top.