Tonight’s wild mushroom, a Dryad’s Saddle, ended up being used to make a delicious mushroom bisque poured over diced tomatoes and smoked, pulled pork, with a sprinkling of a few pieces of homemade cheese.

The Bisque base was made with 1 old wild mushroom that was as tough as loft leather, but extremely flavorful, two tiny onions, half a tomato, a handful of green beans, a potato, all sauteed in butter, a splash of port to deglaze, and then simmered in water for awhile, seasoned with salt, pepper, and hanging dried sage. Once done, it was pureed and strained. To half of the base I added a cup of hot milk and whisked well. This was poured over the stacked diced tomatoes, cheese and smoked pulled-pork.

If the cheese doesn’t get me, the mushroom might. But it was worth the flavors!