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The family went to bed so I slunk down to the basement to retrieve some of the food I’d been playing with, hanging from the rafters and flipping daily on some mesh shelving. This is the resulting image of some of the deliciousness I retrieved from the cool, humid brick basement, some of my recent forays into charcuterie and cheese making.

cured pork and moldy cheese

On the left is a simple, salt cured pork loin, the loin coming from a local central Illinois hog farmer.  I introduced the white mold onto it after I’d harvested some off a piece of cured Jamon and propagated it in some whey.  It’s funky, but perfectly so, lightly salty and perfectly chewy.

To the right is some moldy rind cheese – the mold had been retrieved from another piece of cheese I’d just about finished and blended into this batch.  While it was supposed to have been a soft cheese, it turned out firm, but the flavor is spectacular.