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I’ve been restocking the cheese cave over the last few days, going through gallons of milk and churning out wheel after wheel of cheese.  In the downtime between cheese steps (another reason to love slow food), I’ll be browsing ideas and seeing how they’ve been implemented…for example, wrapping cheeses, in leaves, in grass, in hay, in bark…you get the idea.  Anyway I ran across a nettle wrapped cheese (now spring can’t come soon enough) and from there across tobacco wrapped cheeses and then hay and straw wrapped cheeses.  Now there’s something I could do, having a pasture full of dried grasses.  I went out, got some and started processing it.  Since I needed it to be pliable I put it in a pot of water and steamed it.  Well, that made a nice richly brown broth.  I tasted a little and was surprised at how much it reminded me of mushrooms.  Well, from there it was natural to put some turnips, shallots and garlic together with the broth (half broth half water because it’s strong) and make a soup.  I little bit of pastrami finished it nicely.

Now for tomorrow I’m thinking preserved eggs steamed in a hay bundle…