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Beans and Weenies are boring.  Even these are boring.  But not nearly as boring as the ones straight from the can.  These have character, good sensible midwestern, salt-of-the-earth, character.  Next time I’ll up the ante and start it with a bottom layer of cheesy macaroni and cheese. Hot Beans and Weenies

You’ll need some Doritos and Cheese that have seen better days; its imperative (really it’s not) that they not be fresh.

Pre Shredded Cheese Doritos Cool Ranch

Once you’ve found that crush the chips of evenly and then photograph them.Crushed Tortilla Chips

While you’re doing that, save some time and start heating up the beans, this is a can of some sort of baked beans from the grocer.Simmering Baked Beans

Finally, have some decency and fry the neatly sliced Hot Dog coins in hot canola, using a cast iron pan of course, until they’re evenly golden brown on both sides.Frying Hot Dog Coins

Finally, assembly: do it right.  One, a layer of beans. Two, a layer of hot dogs.  Three, a layer of cheese followed by a layer of chips, and finally a light layer of cheese again.  Put it all in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes and it should come out bubbly, crispy, and golden.Beans and Weenies Assembly

It’ll fill you up because you’ll probably go back for a little more.  I do and so does the family.