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After two years the Texas Township Barnhill Darrenshire Apple Cider Vinegar is in bottles and some left to age in an oak barrel.  This project didn’t start out to become vinegar, rather a preliminary step to some Apple Jack.  But, surprises happen sometimes when you’re working with yeast and bacteria, this one became a delicious surprise.Vinegar and CocktailsThese barrels came from Oak Barrels, Ltd.  I’m trying them out to see how they work before I get a few 20 liter (5 gallon) barrels for some other projects.  So far I’m happy with them.Apple Cider VinegarSome of the mother culture is preserved for future batches by letting it live in the barrel as the rest further ages and mellows. It’s been a challenge collecting all these whiskey bottles, drinking glass after glass of delicious, warming, sometimes spicy, often mellow, rye and bourbon whiskeys. Oh I’m getting thirsty.