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A lot of cheeses have a paprika rind, rubbed down and put through an oil-and-paprika spa treatment.  This isn’t like those.  This little cheese starts life as a brie-like triple-cream, but then gets cut smaller, pressed longer, and aged in a drier condition than it’s brie cousin.  Why?  Because I’m forgetful and not always around when I’m needed; I’m an absent cheese father, I guess.  And my cheese cave is subject to the seasons.
Smokey Paprika and Mold Rind
With this cheese, thinking about the ash coated cheese, I thought it’d be interesting to use a smoked paprika as a layer and coating, and then sit back and see what delicious – and possibly dangerous – molds land on it and call it home.  The DeWitt Co. Thin Red Line

How’d it end up?  Smokey, sweet and spicy, a little sharp and generally firm.  I’ll be making this again – and again – and again again.