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Talk about walking into a gold mine accidentally.  This cheese is it.  It’s the tomato-habanero cheese I made a while ago, just out of the cheese cave.  It bites back, is sharp-witted, demanding on the tongue, and overall dressed to impress in a great layer of molds.Tomato Habanero CheeseThe idea behind this cheese was to expand on flavoring and layering using dried powders – based on ash coated cheeses that promote mold growth – but using dehydrated vegetables.  At the same time I wanted to keep it simple, no pressing, no cooking of the curds, which limited me to taking ideas from soft curd cheeses with long ripening times, but treating the curds to create a firm tomme style cheese.  An additional a pint of cream increases the flavor complexity as well.

It’s simple to make yet complex in flavor.  I’ll be making more of this in the upcoming weekend


  • 1 gallon cream-top milk
  • blend of powdered dehydrated tomatoes and hot peppers with some vegetable ash and salt
  • 1 pint non-homogenized cream
  • mesophilic culture
  • rennet