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Confiting duck legs is actually rather easy.  From carving the duck into its parts while taking out the day’s frustration in a civilized manner, to slow cooking it in the fat from it’s back it takes a high degree of patience but fortunately (for me) a low degree of skill.

To be honest, I have a several legs of confited duck aging in the basement in a crock of duck fat; it smells absolutely delicious, a heady and earthy aroma that makes me salivate, but I’m a little afraid to eat it – this duck was my little sin until I work up the bravado to try that confited duck resting in the basement.Duck Confit and Grapefruit SaladAfter letting this duck leg relax overnight I seared it in a hot pan with some caramelized onions in grapefruit juice and partnered it with a side of grapefruit salad.  Before though I had a first course of pureed simmered bitter greens mixed with cheese and a little of the grapefruit zest.