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Whenever a sale on cabbage presents itself, I can’t resist – visions of sauerkraut, coleslaw – the urge to buy a bunch.  Buy a few heads, at least two, or it’s not going to make enough.  Here’s my take on sauerkraut, keeping it simple – really simple – so that the cabbage shines through the fermentation.  The great thing about this process is you get abuse to vegetables – take your frustrations out on these heads instead of the heads of your coworkers!Cabbage HeadTake that head of cabbage, a knife, and a cutting board. Coring CabbagesStart quartering and then remove the cores – discard the cores in your composter.Quartered CabbageMake sure you cut the pieces small enough to fit into your shredder if you’re using an appliance.

Shredding Cabbage

The Kitchenaide shredding and slicing attachment makes quick work of the cabbage.Shredded CabbageTo the shredded cabbage add the salt – plain non-iodized – roughly 1.5 tablespoons per head and mix it in well.Salted Cabbage The brine forms rapidly.Kraut in a CrockPack it tightly into a jar or crock and cover with a plate to weigh it down.Sauerkraut AgingFinally, store it somewhere cool, like your man cave, cheese and wine cave (you did make one, right?).  Check it every few days or weeks, or after a couple of months.