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When deciding to branch out and make up a new recipe, start from scratch.  Invest a lot of time in research and make sure you do it right.  And most of all, try not to put too much stock into shortcuts (they’re everywhere on the internet) and don’t lose faith.

My first attempt at a candy bar to get some experience was to try to recreate the Snickers.  It’s not my all-time favorite bar, but its a good standby and so made a good starting point for my new education.Beta Fake SnickersHow did it turn out?  Ok, not great, good, well just ok I guess.  I won’t throw it out, but I’m also not obsessively scarfing them down.  The biggest issues are the layers being too thin and the sweetness of the fake nougat. However, it’s given me the base I was looking for as a springboard to some new ideas.  Base Chocolate LayerTHis first layer of chocolate looks good.Fake Nougat

This layer of fake nougat, from the Top Secret Snickers clone Recipe can be skipped. It’s too sweet, to dry, and not the right texture of a real nougat.  It might have some use later though so tuck it away. Fake Nougat Layer Bubbling SugarBoiling the sugar for the caramel was easy enough, but you’ll notice an obvious mistake I made, letting sugar crystals form in the pan.  I’ll avoid that next time.Peanut Caramel LayerThis is by far my favorite layer, the peanuts and caramel, and the most likely candidate for subtle changes in my next attempt.  Recipe here.Final Chocolate Layer And the last pour of 60% chocolate.