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Sometimes you just get it right, accidentally right, but right none-the-less.  This is the story of the Unholy Cheese, a cheese with the aroma of a mad-woman hell-bent of pummeling your nose to shards and clawing your eyes into ribbons.  Unholy Cheese and Sandwich of IronyThat’s the only sane way to describe the way it smelled one day in its ripening box. Today I dared to eat a piece, cutting through its firm, moldy rind, and into its runny paste.  While the aroma assaulted you, the flavor was that of a rapturous  moment of earthy, mushroom-y delight, the flavors creating nano-orgasms on each individual taste bud on my tongue.

By far, the best cheese to come out of Basement Cheese and Meats.

On to the Sandwich of Irony: it started as a fun and ironic discovery of “non-gmo” mayo at Wal-Mart of all places, and ended with a piece of industrial-process-burdened Oscar Meyer Bologna between two boring slices of plain industrial slices of white sandwich bread smeared with a mixture of that mayo, some of the best horseradish, a Bohemian Horseradish sold by the Smuggler’s Lounge in Wisconsin, and a little of the 2014 tomato sauce from last summer’s garden.

All of this with some Stone Smoked Vanilla Porter, a good but not fantastic smoked porter.

PS. This article was written to the sound of 5 gallons of boring Amber ale bubbling away in the primary.