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What you don’t expect to hear on a Sunday morning from your sweet, dear, polite little 6-year-old, after you make a couple dozen donut holes is, “But they’re not from the gas station and they don’t have sprinkles.”  But that is what came out of the little turd’s mouth before he despondently dug into them.  Luckily for him, after the first bite he was ok with the idea that donuts don’t need to come from the gas station and don’t need sprinkles.Not Gas Station DonutsI modified the Just a Taste® donut hole recipe to add yeast for some added flavor.  Just take the milk and add the sugar then heat until it’s warm.  Add a packet of yeast to that and then begin the rest of the recipe.  The yeast should be bubbly and alive when you’re ready to make the dough.  Reduce the baking powder by 1 teaspoon if you make this change.