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Some of the best dishes come from necessity and ingenuity.  This isn’t one of those dishes.  This is pasta al “what’s-that-back-there-in-my-pantry”, a dish of suspicious ingredients sourced from the dark and dusty depths of your cabinets, your refrigerator, and your cellar.  And it’s usually awesomely good.  If you keep it simple.

For tonight’s pasta, I took 1 egg, a little mixed fat (from a jar of mixed rendered chicken fat, saved butter, and strained bacon grease), a suspicious onion from the cellar, some black walnuts foraged the fall before last, and some slightly soured cream (not the sour cream in the sour cream container, but cream that had started to sour) and made the following dish.Raw Supplies

Mix the egg, 112 grams flour, a pinch of salt, the fat (it replaces the extra yolk called for in other recipes, and adds flavor), and just a bit of room temperature water into a dough ball.  Knead it to a soft and pliable consistency.Egg Noodle Sheet Roll it out until its thin, and then roll it some more.Egg Noodle SheetCut it into suitable shapes.  Here is a picture of the free-form shapes I ended up with.Egg Noodles

Saute the onions and toast the walnuts, boil the pasta and drain it.  Add the pasta to the onions and walnuts then mix in the cream and bring to a simmer until the pasta finishes cooking to your desired texture – I like mine slightly aggressive and defensive.Black Walnuts and Cream on PastaEnjoy and be proud of your use of suspicious pantry items to create a new and exciting pasta dish!