I’m back in the food saddle after being down and out with some crazy stomach bug! And to celebrate, I’ve made a breakfast of my favorite things, all made from raw ingredients sourced within a 60 mile radius from my home.  It’s a breakfast worthy of my Italian grandmother – oh wait, she wasn’t italian, she was a hard woman from Romania – close enough I guess!Central Illinoisan BreakfastI pick up a few large bags of ground corn from the local fall Apple and Pork festival every year.  It’s made in a demonstration booth at the town museum.CoppaThe pork for this coppa, and the beef for the bresaola in the following photo comes by way of Toohill Beef and Seed Company.Central Illinois BeefFinally, the cheese made here is from locally source milk produced by the Kilgus Farmstead dairy.  Peeling back the rind to show the soft and runny cheese never gets old.A Fine Central Illinois Brie