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When you have the right, basic raw materials, every meal can be simple and good.  Here I’ve used a leftover piece of carnitas from a previous meal, an apple, an avocado, and a grapefruit to build a basic meal.  Now, the egg is optional, but everything is better with an egg.Raw MaterialsThese raw ingredients will make a great, basic dinner.Partly completed meal closeupLook at that back-drop of apple, avocado and grapefruit salad, paird with some diced and sauteed apples coated with a little sugar and butter (think caramel sauce) on the side.  That pork looks somewhat dry though?  How to dress it up?  How…Egg on TopThat’s right! Fry that egg up, over easy and it is the perfect creamy sauce for a flavorful piece of pork!  Get cooking.  Get thinking.