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Go on, get to the butcher and get your self a choice piece of bone-in strip that’s at least 2 inches thick. Go thicker if you want, but don’t go thinner.  You’re going to sear this sucker, roast it in a hot oven (at least 450) and then let it coast to right under medium-rare in a warm oven (around 300).  You’ll get the perfect steak, made better with some wine and a wedge of lemon.  I call this the Central Illinoisan goes to Tuscany…or at least Little Italy in Chicago.Mediterranean DinnerOh that money shot makes me want to make it all over again to eat it all over again!Steak SaltedYeah, some people will freak out that I didn’t “trim the fat” but trust me, this will strengthen the flavor, and protect it from the heat.Bone-in StripOhh, a mouth-watering overhead shot of a raw steak…that’s just damned sexy!Starting the SearGet that pan hot.  You’re only going to sear this big guy for 2 minutes on each side to get the maillard reaction going.  Then you’re going to let it rest for 10 minutes off the heat before throwing it in the oven on a baking sheet until it meets your desired temperature – remember 450 for ten minutes and then 300 until its done.  Use the hot oven to toast your buttered bread too.  Oh and if you forget the lemon I’ll smack you.  It’s the lemon that takes it over the top!