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Sometimes the it takes the ugliest and oddest cuts of meat to make the tastiest, most succulent dishes.  Here’s one with that odd cut of beef, the shank, crosscut, bone and marrow, wrapped in silverskin, and just plain unappetizing.  But when you’re done mixing it with salt and pepper, a mirepoix, a little flour, some wine (I used a red but white is considered traditional), stock or water (I used water), and some ancillary herbs and spices, you end up with a complex and beautiful meal.Plated Beef Shank and PolentaOh I just want to shove my face in there and slurp that marrow into my mouth and roll it around my tongue until it screams!SONY DSCOh never mind, that’s an ugly piece of meat!  Who the hell would want to cook that?Seared Beefshank in SauceDamn, that’s even worse looking, all in the pressure cooker! Quick get the lid on it so I don’t have to look at it anymore!Homemade Tomato PasteOh wait, that looks good. What is it? Homemade tomato paste from last year’s harvest? Just a bit left (except for the four other jars down in the basement cave).Floured Beef ShankHey that’s not looking so bad with the coating of flour.  Maybe I could just eat that after an hour in the pressure cooker?