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Tired of my endless meat and meat related posts?  Well, here’s a fruit smoothie post to interrupt the rhythm. Don’t get used to it, I just wanted to try that ugly horned melon. It was good.  I’d do it again.Horned Melon and GrapefruitGrab some fruit. I used some red bananas, a horned fruit, and a grapefruit.Blending the FruitBlend it up.  Yeah it’s that simple.  Looks kinda gross, doesn’t it?  Good thing there’s some appetizing orange and green colors over there in the bottom right corner to convince your brain it looks good.  See the blender really takes care of those seeds for you.Fruit Smoothie Topped with Whipped CreamOh now it looks good and drinkable with that half-cup of whipped cream topping it! (No, really it did taste great on its own!)High Angle Fruit Smoothie with Whipped CreamOhh I want to rub my face in that cream!Whipped Cream VisualAnother money shot of the whipped cream to end with.  Glad you came.  Drink up!