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I went into survival mode this evening, hunting (just as my paleo ancestors most likely found themselves doing) around to gather the basic ingredients for a well-balanced, nutritious meal. Alas, I was able to assemble some sustainable proteins, fruits, unprocessed organic sugars, and grains (whoa now, it’s not gluten-free so get on with your bad-ass allergic self!) to sustain myself for another day. Behold the Whiskey Sour! Whiskey Sour Raw MaterialsLemons, sugar, ice, egg whites…it’s all natural?!Whiskey Sour Raw MaterialsSee that sugar?  It’s o-r-g-a-n-i-c.  That lemon?  Found it in the basement.Raw Material Assembly in ProgressI’ve got a glut of eggs from which to rid myself. Don’t judge me!Behold BourbonWhiskey Sour!Oh great bourbon!  Forgive me, but you’re delicious with lemon and sugar! (Thanks, J.K. Williams Distilling for the great local Bourbon).