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The day started normally, hiding under the blankets while the wife, then the dogs, and oh yeah, that kid that somehow found his way into bed, all get up to enjoy their morning while I get a few more minutes of sleep.  I got up, washed up, sat down and enjoyed some coffee while figuring out how I was going to get rid of a few more eggs today and whittle the egg backlog to a functional amount.

After a 2-second, it looks like I have everything for these, decision, I went with the Farm Egg Baked in Celery Cream recipe I found on the TastingTables’s website.  While it was good, the cream infusion was spectacular.

That’s when it got interesting.  What else could I do with this cream sauce with celery undertones?  I had a steak to cook – nah that’d be underwhelming for a hearty piece of beef – too delicate.   Potatoes?  Hmm there’s an idea…

I simmered some fingerling potatoes later in the afternoon, then finished them on the grill with a coating of vegetable oil to prepare them for the new sauce…which became an emulsion…

Here it is…the coup-de-emulsion…I took about a quarter of a cup of the cream infused with basil and, after digging through the foraging stash in the basement, some dehydrated puff-ball mushrooms I’d dehydrated last fall.  I powdered the mushrooms in the spice grinder and mixed with the cream to hydrate.  This made a really thick mash, so I cut it with some milk and pushed it through sieve to end up with a beautifully rich, delicate emulsion that paired with the potatoes.

[no picture due my my lack of wanting to take a picture today]